Beginners Gambling Guide

Beginners Gambling Guide

Getting started: Gambling online is a modern phenomenon. With the launch of the internet and the easy accessability of online casinos, online poker rooms and sports betting websites. Its just a matter of choosing the best one that suits you. As a gambler myself i understand the fear that can surround anyone who is new to online gambling. There are so many questions that need to be answered and many fears that need to be allayed. I will try and help you out with my knowledge built up over the last 9 yrs gambling online myself.

What to look for: Some of the main points you should look out for when making your decision are: Is the casino licensed – You should always play at a licensed and regulated casino. some of the major licensees are: Gibralter, Australia, Kanawhake (Canada), Antilles (Netherlands) and Antigua.

Is it a registered company – Is the casino your thinking of playing at licensed and registered as a real business with the government they claim to reside in.

Do they have a land based address or are they soley based online – Do they have land based offices you can call or visit if there are problems. Its all to easy to be anonnymous online.

Is the software provider genuine – Is the software rigged. Using false algorithms or using collusion bots to scam you of your money.

I would personally only ever play with 3 casino software providers. And they are Microgaming, Playtech or the Cryptologic software. As these are the names you can trust 100%. All of the points covered above are serious things to consider when browsing the internet looking for a place to gamble online.

However this only really applies to casinos not listed on this website. As here at CGI Casino Gambling Index!. We will only ever review and use fully licensed, fully regulated gambling sites. That have land based offices, 24hr support and use the latest and greatest casino technology. We would never knowingly promote any rogue casino or gambling sites. As what they do is dispicable, unethical and down right wrong. My mother brought me up with far too many morals for unscrupilous things like that :o).


Downloading: There are usually 2 methods too playing casinos online. A flash non-download version and a full download version. Unless you are an experienced gambler i would avoid the flash versions. They seldom give you the real casino experience and because there of a non download nature they have far less games, a much lower quality of graphics and a decreased enjoyment factor.

Although the full downloadable casino may take 20 minutes to download they are far superior in scope and magnitude and will provide you with the full array of games, graphics, audio sound and playing options – well worth it.

Gambling Bonus: First off casino bonus’s are a major factor in most peoples decision making. Although this should be a factor. It should not be the sole factor on which to choose your casino. There are many rogue casinos out there that will offer outrageous bonuses to entice you to play. But have no intention of paying you your winnings. Other factors are that every casino bonus, although free cash does have stipulations, terms and conditions in order to claim the bonus. This is often referred to as the “turn requirement”. The turn requirement is the amount of times you have to gamble the bonus in order for it to be eligible for withdrawing. This is a common practice amongst online casinos and gambling sites. The reason being to stop people from claiming a bonus and then withdrawing it straight away and basically doubling their money without playing any games. Turn requirements can be from a standard 10x up to 25x-30x the bonus to be wagered, which is pretty extreeme in some cases.

Depositing & Withdrawing: Aslong as you use a reputable online casino there should be no issues involving your financial transactions. All banking transactions are governed using the latest encryption technology. Which is the same technology that high street banks use to transfer money around the worlds money markets. Credit cards, bank transfers and online transfer solutions such as Neteller, Firepay, click2pay, Ukash and moneybookers are usually accepted along with a few more. Also always check with the casino you are going to play at to see if they are offering any special transfer deals. Some online casinos offer a 10%, 20% extra bonus on top of the normal casino bonus offered, which can really boost your starting stack.

Check your eliginility: Always check your eligibility when choosing your online casino. As the American government recently passed a new online gambling law which prevents certain citizens in certain states from gambling online. To my knowledge the main 11 states that have passed the bill include: Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Oregan, Washington, South Dakota, Louisiana and Wisconsin. All Europeans and people playing around the world, should also check the gambling laws within there state or country. As online casinos and gambling sites are breaking the law in accepting and paying your bets.

Last but not least: Online gambling, Casino gambling, playing poker online or placing a bet on the next football match or sporting event should only ever be treated as a bit of fun. Despite what people think, gambling is not a get rich quick scheme. Always remember the golden rule of gambling. Only bet with money you can afford to lose! – Good luck at the tables and most of all just have some FUN!